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New Technology Helps Us Learn from Our Mistakes


New Technology Helps Us Learn from Our Mistakes

Last year many farmers used satellite images of their fields to monitor plant health. Growers can also use those images to avoid problems in 2019.

Brian Bush, with Pioneer, says now is the time to get out those satellite images of  your fields from last year and plan for 2019, “We can identify problem areas and track them in 2019 to avoid the same problem. These images will tell us where to scout and where to make adjustments in our 2019 crop.”

Bush says these images can remind us of mistakes we made in the past and help us avoid making them again in 2019, “I had several customers here in Southern Indiana who mudded out the corn in 2017. In 2018, they were not real happy with some of the yields in these areas. We can use the satellite photos to identify these areas and remind us to make some adjustments to fix a problem.” These images may be especially important this year as we begin the growing season with fields that may have some problems from the wet harvest last fall. Using this technology to track these areas throughout the season will help keep tabs on crop health and yield that may be impacted by some of these field issues.

For more information on how to use these satellite images, contact your Pioneer representative.

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