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New Technology in Insecticide Application a Time Saver


New Insecticide Application Technology

David Wheeler-FMCWinter conditions this year may elevate the possibilities of a corn rootworm problem, according to David Wheeler with FMC Agricultural Solutions.

“We’ve had an environment this winter for corn rootworm to survive well in the soil,” he told HAT. Wheeler is a technical business manager for FMC.

To combat it and other insects some will be using a new approach to at-plant delivery of corn insecticide with technology from FMC to apply CAPTURE® 3RIVE 3D™. That’s the first formulation designed specifically for the 3RIVE 3D delivery system. The system allows a farmer to get the same insect control as in the past while treating 500 acres without a fill up.

“With liquid products like our Capture LFR a guy would have to carry 3-5 gallons per acre of liquid on the planter in order to deliver that to the furrow. What we’ve done is reduce that carrier volume down to 40 ounces of finished volume per acre and then turn it into a foam and expand it 50X and deliver it to the furrow. So what that does for him is he carries a lot less weight on the planter because he only has to carry 130 gallons to treat 500 acres. That leads to a lot fewer stops to fill up the planter. He can fill up at home when he leaves in the morning and he’s set for the day. He doesn’t have to address his insecticide needs again until the following day.”

Wheeler says FMC is ramping up the system this year and with it farmers will get good control of not only corn rootworm, “but also for seedling pests that impact the early stand of the crop and early plant health. Then later in the season it does a good job of managing corn rootworm issues, particularly where folks have run into resistance issues. The CAPTURE 3RIVE 3D is another layer of protection that we can provide a second mode of action to assist with where we’re falling down with our traits.”

CAPTURE 3RIVE 3D is a patent-pending formulation.