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New Tool to Help fight Weedy Soybean Fields


New Tool to Help fight Weedy Soybean Fields

Daniel Waldstein,

In 2016, weedy soybean fields were common across Indiana as spring rains kept growers from getting their pre-emergence programs started. BASF has a new product that will allow soybean growers to get their burndown and pre-emergence program going with one product. Daniel Waldstein, Technical Market Manager with BASF, told HAT Zidua PRO is a new pre-emergence herbicide that allows growers to start clean and stay clean, “It provides burndown and long lasting residual action in one jug.”  He said it can be applied on most soil types right up to planting adding additional flexibility.  It has a low use rate of only 6oz per acre, so it reduces handling issues.

To help manage weed resistance, the new product offers multiple modes of action, “Zidua PRO has 3 sights of action which gives us built in resistance management. As a contact burndown and residual pre-emergent, Zidua PRO herbicide helps growers keep fields clean from contact to canopy.” The product helps provide residual control up to 14 days longer than competitive group 15 herbicides when applied at full rate. Longer residual control means more time to make post-emergent applications, helping growers spray when weeds are less than four inches tall.

Waldstein says Zidua PRO is especially effective on hard to control weeds. “The pre-emergent residual component of Zidua PRO herbicide provides an effective starting point for season-long control of weeds like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, and marestail,” said Waldstein. “Following up post-emergence with the optimum program, which includes Engenia herbicide after registration, will bring total sites of action up to five. This will help sustain these new chemistries for future generations.” It is a solution for any soybean system as it works with Roundup Ready®, LibertyLink®, Non-GMO, and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®, and in conventional tillage, no-till and reduced-till systems.

For more details, see your BASF retailer or representative.