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New Tools for Calculating Variable Rate Populations


New Tools for Calculating Variable Rate Populations

Variable rate seeding is become more popular, and there are new tools to help growers calculate the right mix and population. Determining plant populations is challenging enough, but when you add variable rate technology it gets even more complicated. Joel McCormick, with Helena chemical, says they have a new tool that helps growers make an informed decision, “We are able to take several layers from our growers and combine them to come up with a very field specific zone that we can use to make recommendations on seed population.”

He said their recommendations can take into account the various weather conditions and yield goals each producer has for each individual field, “It may be yield or the kind of weather they are expecting that will drive their decision. In some cases, it is budget and what they are willing or able to afford in a specific field.” In addition, variable nitrogen application can also be figured into the recommendation to maximize efficiency. “Soil fertility is always a factor when making any population recommendation.”

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