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New Tools for Profitability in Volatile Times


New Tools for Profitability in Volatile Times

These are volatile and unprecedented times, but there are some new technologies and services that can help you manage and even profit during the market upheaval.

Indigo has been offering their marketplace technology for some time. This helps grain farmers find the best price for cash grain sales. “Most growers have a few locations close to their farm where they sell their grain, but our data shows that these are not always the best prices they can get,” says Heather Gieseke with Indigo. “We can show them where they can get a better price, even if they have to travel further.”

Indigo is now offering a new suite of tools that can help with futures market decisions, “We just launched a portfolio of marketing tools that better help farmers manage price risk.” Gieseke added that these two programs give farmers a complete view of their marketing and price options, both on the cash and futures markets.

Gieseke said the service is free; just call 855-947-2466, “We have a team of marketing experts in Memphis ready to talk with farmers, learn about their operation, their price goals and risk tolerances, and then recommend some options to them that are the most profitable.”

Indigo has also just launched a program where growers can get paid for sequestering carbon by using certain agronomic practices. “We want to partner with growers to pay them for sequestering carbon in their soil by using regenerative agronomic practices,” said Gieseke.