Meet Indiana dairy farmer Brian Rexing from New Generation Dairy in Owensville in southern Indiana.

“I’ve been a dairy farmer all my life. I grew up milking cows. We ventured out on our own in 2008 and started milking on our own dairy, my wife and I.”

Rexing, a 4th generation dairyman, is featured in a new video that can be viewed on our Facebook page discussing some of the differences between dairy farming now and in the past.

“The basics of what we do have all stayed the same, but how we do it changed. Technology is playing a huge role in what we do. We know farms have increased in size for sure. There’s robotics in milking now.”

Rexing says that dairy farmers have an opportunity to touch consumers three times a day.

“There’s the breakfast table. We have an opportunity that whether you put your cream in your coffee or your milk on your cereal, that’s coming from a dairy farm. At lunch time, whether you order that grilled cheese, or put cheese in your salad, or sour cream on your baked potato, we’ve got another opportunity. And then come nighttime, whether you have something with dairy with your dinner or maybe it’s a bowl of ice cream you have after dinner, we have another opportunity.

“So, I think us as dairy farmers have a tremendous opportunity nourishing people and it’s something we take great pride in. We think our product is one of the most wholesome, nourishable products there is. So, when we know that’s what we’re producing, it kind of fires you up every day. It puts a kick in your step that that’s what your end goal is- good quality milk.”

This is the first video of several that will come in 2021. The videos are produced by HAT in conjunction with American Dairy Association Indiana.

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