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Next Month’s AG CONNECT Expo in KC also Soon Headed to Indy


The AG CONNECT Expo is now about a month away and is scheduled for Kansas City, Missouri. The annual event has also been held in Atlanta and Orlando, but Indianapolis will be the host city in 2015. Farmer Kip Tom from Warsaw explains the expo has been looking for strong Midwest-located venues.

“It’s an event that spans across the United States as far as the attendees. In fact it’s absolutely international. I know they’ve had a number of people coming in from Europe and South America at the same time, so Indianapolis has a good draw for it. We have a great convention center, a great place to exhibit some of the technologies and equipment that many of us are interested in. At the same time we have a lot of entertainment and hotels to host our guests with.”

Tom agreed that pulling off a successful AG CONNECT should be easy considering the the success of the Super Bowl earlier this year.

“Hey we pulled off the Super Bowl as good as anybody could pull one off and I hope we get it back here in a few years, but Indianapolis is all about hosting events like this and pulling off a class act while they do it.”

Tom told HAT recently that AG CONNECT Expo sets itself apart from other shows in a number of ways.

“Probably first and foremost it’s an exhibition and a hall that’s full of seminars and meetings going on, but it’s just producers. It’s people that are involved in transactions with companies like CNH, Agco, John Deere, many of those, and it gives us as producers the ability to have direct linkage and conversations with people developing some of the technologies we put in play on our farm today. They like it as well because they know when someone walks up to them this is someone that buys their products and they can ask good questions about what do you really need from us? So it’s a great opportunity to network with the leadership of many of the companies we’re involved with in transactions on our farms.”

The expo is January 29-31, 2013 and early bird registration and education fees are good through January 4th.[audio:https://www.hoosieragtoday.com//wp-content/uploads//2012/12/Kip-Tom-on-AG-CONNECT.mp3|titles=Kip Tom on AG CONNECT]