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Nitrogen Application May be a Problem This Spring


Nitrogen Application May be a Problem This Spring

Across much of Indiana, very little field preparation got done in late 2018; and field conditions in 2019 have not been favorable for nitrogen application so far.

Given the high yields that came off our corn and soybean fields in 2018, replacing that nitrogen level will be critical for the 2019 crop. However, cold and wet conditions may make it hard to get that done this spring says Jeff Moon with Corteva.

“It is all about return on investment, it is all about getting the most out of the nitrogen you put out there,” he said. “It is a large investment the grower makes; and he will want to protect it and make sure it is there when the corn plant needs it.”

Moon said a nitrogen stabilizer will be critical when making application this spring.

“Growers and retailers will be pushed to cover the acres they need to this spring. They need to start the application as soon as they can, so it is important to protect that nitrogen and keep it there for when the plant needs it.” He recommended N-Serve to those applying anhydrous ammonia and Instinct to those using urea or 28%.

With many fields still too wet to work, growers may have to look at a different approach to getting nitrogen applied. Moon said, “I see side dress applications, top dress applications, split applications all being used more in 2019.”

A post-emerge program for weed control may seem like a good option with late planting a distinct possibility. Moon urged growers not to give up on a pre-plant application, saying, “We have a lot of resistant weeds and hard to control weeds; and, if we ignore that foundation weed control, we are going to have a hard time controlling all those weeds post-emerge.”