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Nitrogen Management Key in 2015


Nitrogen Management Key in 2015


ESNAs growers try to cut the costs of producing this year’s crop, managing nitrogen will be a major factor. Now new technology is helping growers get smart about nitrogen fertilizer. Smart Nitrogen from ESN is a product that can help farmers be more efficient in the use of their nitrogen fertilizer. Todd Latimer explains, “A single application of ESN controlled-release nitrogen feeds crops throughout the growing season. Plants get the nitrogen they need, when they need it most – and you get improved nitrogen efficiency.”  ESN is a urea granule coated with a flexible polymer coating. The coating protects the nitrogen from loss mechanisms and releases nitrogen based on temperature and soil moisture. The polymer membrane allows moisture to diffuse into the ESN granule, creating a nitrogen solution. The solution moves out through the membrane at a rate that matches the nitrogen demand of the growing crop.  


Latimer said, with profit margins tight and prices down, this is the perfect time to make changes to maximize your efficiency, “This product is especially important when corn is at $3. Growers need to maximize their yields while still controlling costs.”  The results of multiple trials show that ESN Smart Nitrogen provides significant corn yield increases by protecting your crop’s nitrogen from leaching and run-off. ESN technology releases nitrogen only as the growing crop requires it. Field trials in Illinois showed that, with growing season precipitation at 18 inches,  ESN increases corn yield over urea by 20 bu/acre.



A wet spring is being forecast, so it may be necessary to take steps to better control your soil’s nitrogen levels.  According to Latimer, a study in Illinois found a large yield advantage for ESN in a year when early summer rainfall was much above normal, a year with severe N losses from pre-plant applications of conventional N fertilizers. Under these conditions of severe N loss, when other fertilizers performed poorly, ESN maintained top yields.  


Learn more about Smart Nitrogen at https://www.smartnitrogen.com