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No Fuel Shortage in Indiana


No Fuel Shortage in Indiana

A continuing series on how Hoosier Ag retailers are coping with the COVID-19 crisis:

There is no shortage of fuel or any transportation disruptions according to Matt Smorch, CEO of CountryMark Co-op.

“We have fuel, and we have adequate supplies for our co-ops and their customers.”

Smorch says the fact that CountryMark produces their own fuel right here in Indiana means they can keep the production moving to meet the demand.

“We have a proprietary pipeline that runs from our refinery in Mt. Vernon to Jolietville, just north of Indianapolis, and then on to Peru. So, we have a footprint throughout the state and have adequate supply at all our terminals, and all of our terminals are open for operation.”

He added he has not seen a spike in demand for either diesel or gasoline, even with prices for both gas and diesel at very low prices.

CountryMark also operates over 100 gas stations around the state. Over 40% are unmanned stations, and Smorch says anyone can purchase fuel at these locations.

“Our fuel at our stations, whether they are attended or unattended, can be purchased by the general public.”

He said there is a misconception that only co-op members can purchase fuel.

“We have all pay at the pump stations, that allows the public to purchase fuel without having to interact with anyone and, thus, keep their social distancing,” said Smorch.

He told HAT that CountryMark is taking additional steps to keep pumps clean and sanitized.