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No Limits on Milk for Santa This Year at Kroger


What kind of milk do you leave Santa Clause? Whole, chocolate, 2%, strawberry, skim- it doesn’t really matter- you can find it at your Indiana Kroger store.

“This is an exciting year for all of us just because it does look like it’s going to be a little more normal,” says Eric Halvorson, public affairs manager and media spokesman for Kroger’s central division. “People are eager to have those celebrations, come back and get together with their families again. So, these kinds of things, the full shelves and the full coolers, are very important to us because we know how important it is to our customers.”

Halvorson is featured in a new video from Hoosier Ag Today and the American Dairy Association Indiana discussing all the dairy products Kroger has to enjoy this holiday season. He says they couldn’t do what they do without hard-working Hoosier farmers.

“When you look at the number of gallons of milk that are produced by farmers coming into Crossroad Farms Dairy in Indianapolis, 38 million gallons of milk wind up in coolers just like these in the equivalent of 57 Olympic size pools. That’s what we produce at the dairy just in Indianapolis, and that’s just the Kroger brand. If you look up and down the cooler there are other brands in here too.”

Of course, they have more than just milk for the holidays.

“(Kroger has) 48 different varieties of ice cream. You can go up and down the cooler and the freezer and see just an amazing variety of ice creams. We have five different kinds of eggnog.”

And don’t forget about the variety of cheeses at Murray’s inside Kroger for your charcuterie boards!

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