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No Need to Sign Up for ‘Top-Up’ Payments


USDA has announced that producers with federal crop insurance will receive what they’re calling a “top-up” payment on their prevent plant acres this year.

Producers with Yield Protection and Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion will receive a 10 percent top-up payment, while producers with Revenue Protection will receive 15 percent. You do not need to sign up to receive payments; all producers with a 2019 prevented planting indemnity will receive the top-up through their crop insurance company.

When this idea was floated a couple of weeks ago in a USDA press release, producers flooded their local FSA offices to get signed up. Indiana FSA Executive Director Steve Brown reiterates that this top-up payment will happen automatically and is not administered by FSA.

Here’s what Brown says you should be going to your local FSA office for:

“If you haven’t signed up for your Market Facilitation Payment Program number 2, you need to get in and get an application filed so we can get producers paid. We’ve had great response so far. We’ve processed a lot of payments statewide and we’ve got more out there to do, so I would in encourage producers, if they haven’t been in, to get in, and also we started ARC/PLC.”

Many producers are waiting for the ARC/PLC deadline to take time to evaluate which option is best for them after changes in last year’s farm bill. Brown says they want to be able to help with that process.

“We’re going to get together and put on some public meetings. We’re in the process of trying to get to work with Purdue University and go out and do this with some of their staff and try to assist producers in making the right decision for their operations.”

The deadline for your ARC/PLC decision will be in March.