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No Reason to Rush


Don’t get impatient

David Cosgray

Fieldwork and planting progress was good early this week, but rain over much of the state on Thursday brought that activity to a standstill.  DuPont Pioneer agronomist David Cosgray reminds producers it is still early in the season, “The worst thing we can do is plant into a wet seed bed where we kind of mud it in.”  He said most growers can get their entire crop planted in 10-14 days, so there is no reason to rush at this point, “As soon as you start to mud in a crop, you open yourself up to yield loss and sidewall compaction.”

With a warm winter behind us, Cosgray is concerned about heavy insect pressure this growing season, “I am concerned about some European corn borer issues. I am also very worried about western bean cut worm infestation, especially in northern counties.” He said these insects can burrow down into lighter soils and overwinter very nicely.

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