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North Central Indiana Farmer got ‘Perfect’ Amount of Rain


The most recent round of rainfall across Indiana brought too much rain for many farmers in the state, but for others, “I had 2.75 inches and I’d have to say it was pretty perfect for me,” says Mike Deitrich. He farms just outside of Logansport in Cass County.

“There was very little standing water. What was there got away within 36 hours, so minimal damage from flooding. I know they got twice as much 3 miles south of me, so I’m pretty happy.”

Deitrich is excited about the potential for his corn crop this year. He says it just hasn’t been stressed much at all.

“I think right now as we sit here today, it’s got the potential to be one of the best crops I’ve ever had. It was a little bit late getting in and it was cold early. We had a little bit of a dry streak there back towards the end of May into the first of June, but at this point, I think it’s recovered nicely. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some really outstanding yields around my area at least.”

As for his soybeans, Deitrich says they’re catching up.

“They seem to stall out there for 3 weeks and very minimal growth. The 30-inch rows are closer to shading in at this point then they were just 2 weeks ago. You’ve seen some growth. Unfortunately, there’s waterhemp catching up with it, so there’s some weed issues in some places. Overall, I would rate the corn is an A+ and maybe the beans right now as an A-.”