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Northern Indiana Soybean Yields Anywhere From Excellent to Underwhelming


2-3 inches of rain fell across most of northern Indiana over the weekend (and even more in some spots), keeping combines parked again to start the week. From what little harvest did get done last week, agronomist Travis Burnett says corn yields are still consistently good in this northern Indiana Yield Check presented by Beck’s.

As for soybeans, “You get this late in the harvest it’s very challenging to get multiple good days in a row where you can really knock a bunch out on the bean side, so we’re picking away at them as we can and making the best of the situation. But from a yield perspective, beans have been anywhere from excellent to underwhelming and everything in between. There’s been much more inconsistency with the beans. The inconsistency, I think a lot of it stems back to timing of rainfall and timing of the different stress events there during the grain fill stages back in in August.

Burnett mentioned the challenge of finding appropriate weather to cut beans, but stalk quality issues in corn persist and have many concerned about standability. So, which crop do you go get first?

“If you have an opportunity to get beans, 1. if the ground is fit enough to get across and 2. if the beans get dry enough where you can actually get them separated, I think you go get the beans while you can,” says Burnett. “As much as I hate to say this, you can always deal with down corn. It’s never fun, but we have a lot less tools in the toolbox to deal with wet beans and beans that aren’t able to separate from the pods themselves. So, if you have the opportunity to get beans, let’s get beans. But any chance that you can’t get the beans, for sure, go after that corn. You’ve got to be willing this time of year to switch back and forth and get what you can when you can.”

Indiana corn is 57% harvested, up from 45% the week prior. Indiana soybeans are 63% harvested, behind the 5-year average pace of 72% and well behind last year’s pace of 81%.

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