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Not too Late to Enjoy Commodity Classic 2021


Commodity Classic is happening right now, and it’s being delivered digitally directly to your farm. Commodity Classic is virtual this year and it’s not too late to get registered.

National Corn Board member Denny Maple from Howard County says he’s looking forward to all of the educational sessions that are being offered at this year’s Classic. There are over 50 to choose from!

“There is some new weed chemistry, chemicals on fighting weeds, that looks important. There’s a carbon credit session that will be interesting. There are always some marketing sessions that are interesting to me. We’ll see if they’re thinking the same way I’m thinking or get some ideas on the way they think the market will be headed.”

Maple has announced that he’s seeking reelection to the National Corn Board. Elections will be held at the July Corn Congress. He says he’s seeking reelection because he has a passion for what the National Corn Growers Association is doing.

“It’s been very interesting and enlightening for me to be on the Corn Board. I didn’t quite understand all of the workings, how they get things done, and the depth of knowledge that the staff has on the different initiatives we have, or how important it is for National Corn to lobby on behalf of the American corn farmer in Washington, D.C. to help get policies and things set that are important to the American farmer.”

Commodity Classic runs now through Friday. You can still get registered to watch live and recorded events. Registration is $20, but Indiana Soybean is offering a promo code for free registration to any Indiana farmer who fills out the form at indianasoybean.com/classic.