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NPPC Opposes Proposed Animal Welfare Changes


The National Pork Producers Council wants its members to voice their opinions on the new organic animal welfare standards proposed by the U.S. Department of Ag. The standards are unprecedented because if they’re passed, it’s the first time they’ll be written into federal law. NPPC says it could present problems for producers. NPPC says the standards won’t change the concept of organic food and agriculture, but they could be broadened to include regular livestock production methods. Another policy change NPPC opposes is in Massachusetts, where a livestock housing initiative backed by the Humane Society of the U.S.A. will appear on the November ballot. It would ban the use of certain types of animal housing, including gestation pens for sows, pens for veal calves, and cages for laying hens. It would also prohibit the sale in-state of meat and eggs from confined animals. NPPC believes this prevents producers from caring for their animals.

For example, gestation crates are approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association as appropriate for pregnant sows. NPPC said banning sales of meat and eggs because of production styles would needlessly drive up the prices for these products and limit consumption.
Source: NAFB News Service