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NPPC Welcomes New Market for US Pork


Under an export certificate recently negotiated between the two countries, the United States can now ship pork to Paraguay. Applauding the opening of a new market, the National Pork Producers Council says: “Paraguay won’t be a huge market for U.S. pork, but given the current trade climate, the U.S. pork industry needs all the new markets it can get.”

While the South American country is a modest consumer of pork, there is potential for U.S. pork export growth to its nearly 6.9 million people, who have a per capita income greater than, for example, the Philippines and Vietnam, two large pork-consuming nations. The U.S. Department of Agriculture last month concluded talks with its Paraguay counterparts on the export certificate, which will allow the shipment of U.S. fresh, frozen, processed and thermally processed/commercially sterile pork and pork products.