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NutrientStar Among Updates for Indy 4R Summit


NutrientStar part of 4R SummitWednesday begins a 2-day gathering in Indianapolis of The Fertilizer Institute’s annual 4R Summit featuring educational sessions on how the 4Rs, Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place, help with day-to-day crop production practices. Growers, retailers, government partners, and researchers will discuss the 4R Nutrient Stewardship efforts and impacts.

An update on NutrientStar is scheduled for 9:00 AM Thursday. Environmental Defense Fund Agricultural Sustainability Project Manager Karen Chapman says it is a review program to assess the performance of the many products and decision support tools available to farmers.

“We wanted to be able to provide information about those tools and products to farmers and their advisors. We started NutrientStar as an independent and objective assessment program to look at those tools and products. It relies on a science panel of experts who actually crafted the criteria and the protocol that we use for assessment, primarily around fertilizer management and nutrient use efficiency.”

NutrientStar needs data to be valuable and effective, and Chapman said right now there is surprisingly little data available.

Karen Chapman“We are really reaching out to companies and establishing this mutually beneficial relationship that will only benefit companies, and they’ll understand the research standards that we’re promulgating and that they are not overwhelmingly difficult to follow. Working with these companies, sharing the protocol, talking to them about the goals of NutrientStar, I think over time we will definitely have more data, better data, and the ability to really shine the light on the performance of these tools and products as we collect that data.”

Learn more at the NutrientStar website, and hear more from Chapman here:Karen Chapman-NutrientStar

Also learn more about the 4R Summit being held at the Hilton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites:


WASHINGTON, D.C., – Award-winning retailer Mike Wilson from Wabash Valley FS, Grayville, Ill., and farmer Tom Connors, Shipman, Ill., will headline a session on implementing 4Rs in the field at The Fertilizer Institute’s annual 4R Summit. The Summit provides opportunities for those interested in nutrient management and stewardship to learn more about the 4R Nutrient Stewardship program and hear from 4R stakeholders, including growers, retailers, government partners, researchers, and others, about 4R Nutrient Stewardship efforts and impacts.

The event starts at 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, June 15th at the Hilton Indianapolis Hotel and Suites, 120 West Market Street, in Indianapolis, Ind. It is open to farmers, agribusiness professionals, and stakeholders nationwide. Meeting registration is available at the 4R website, www.nutrientstewardship.com or by calling 800-315-1906. An agenda is available online.

Wilson and Connors were named 4R Advocates by TFI in 2013 and 2016 respectively. 4R Advocates are recognized annually for their exceptional nutrient stewardship practices that include the 4R approach. It helps growers meet production and environmental goals by choosing the right nutrient source to apply at the right rate in the right place at the right time.

“I’ve used the 4Rs since the 1990s,” Connors said. “I look for ways to be proactive, to behave responsibly for the environment and social good and provide a sustainable operation that my family can farm for generations to come.”

The two-day event features educational sessions to learn how the 4Rs help with day-to-day crop production practices. Attendees can also take in how the science of 4Rs fits in soil health improvement plans, nutrient management, water quality management and conservation plans.

Presenters include: Chase Koch, Koch Agronomic Services; Marty Adkins, Steve Davis, Mark Smith, and Norm Widman, National Resources Conservation Service; Matt Helmers, Iowa State University; Ton Vyn, Purdue University; Nathan Nelson, Kansas State University; Wayne Honeycutt, Soil Health Institute and Scott Murrell, International Plant Nutrition Institute.

“The 4R Summit is an event where growers and agribusiness personnel can share success stories and see how proven environmental stewardship enhances food production practices,” said Chris Jahn, TFI President. “Growers, retailers and others who attend will be excited about the innovative ideas shared.”