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NW Indiana Crops Now Soaked After 4-8 Inches in a Week


A good number of Indiana corn and soybean fields needed rain prior to last weekend. Now, that picture is a different one, in some cases an extremely different picture with standing water impacting the crops.

In a Specialty Hybrids crop update, Gutwein Seed Services agronomist Marty Park says his northwest Indiana rain gauge logged 7 ½ inches over the last six days.

“So, we went from dry to wet,” he told HAT. “We’ve got corn and soybeans standing in water. Hopefully this rain is over and we get those fields drained off and pick things back up again, but we’re going to lose some corn in some of these areas. I think most of the areas that we service had probably between 4 and 8 inches over the last week.”

Time will tell how the crops come out of the soggy fields.

“It’s just going to be a matter of time to see what happens here. When the crop is standing in water we’re losing oxygen, we’re hurting roots, and nutrient availability is compromised.”

With the calendar now flipped to July, Park says give some consideration to dealing with tar spot with a fungicide application, something he believes a lot of farmers will be doing this year.

“It’s been really detrimental to late season plant health and therefore grain fill,” he explained. “In 2018 and 19 it was a significant player in northwest Indiana. Last year we were so dry it didn’t hurt us as much, but guys need to be thinking about that particular disease as well as gray leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight.”

Park adds the potential for a big disease year is strong given all the moisture and humidity. But recent crop prices are helping make that grower decision a bit easier.

Corn rootworm feeding in unprotected corn has been prevalent the last couple of years. Park says be sure to get out and scout.

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