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Obama to Announce Climate Change Action


Greenhouse-GasesTuesday President Obama will outline his plan to use executive powers to address climate change, including his intention to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. Obama is expected to detail a government-wide plan to reduce the nation’s carbon output and prepare the U.S. for the near-term impacts of global warming. Measures for this would include programs to enhance the resilience of coastal communities and USDA climate adaptation hubs to help farmers cope with changes in temperature and precipitation. Former Clinton Climate Adviser Paul Bledsoe says taken together – these actions indicate an entirely new sense of urgency in addressing the threat climate change is posing to the U.S. economy and security.

Obama says climate change is a serious challenge – but it’s uniquely suited to America’s strengths. He says scientists will need to design new fuels and farmers to grow them – and engineers will need to devise new energy sources and business to produce and sell them. However – the move to impose greenhouse gas limits on existing plants will raise consumer electricity prices in the short term.

Source: NAFB News Service