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Ohio Farm Mom Talks to Consumers on National TV


Lifetime TV welcomed CommonGround Ohio volunteer Kristin Reese to its morning program The Balancing Act today, to further an ongoing conversation between the American moms on and off of the farm. Reese shared special family holiday recipes from while also helping consumers learn more about how the food on their tables was grown and raised.


This is the second of a four-segment mini-series where The Balancing Act is featuring conversations with volunteers from CommonGround, an effort designed to get women talking about farming and food. CommonGround provides a way for moms looking for answers about food to connect with moms who grow and raise it and get real, credible information. 


“The Balancing Act provided a unique opportunity to share my passion for both farming and cooking, really connecting with moms across the country. It only makes sense that people want the best for their families, and I hope that I can help them gain a better understanding of how comfortable they can be in their food choices through CommonGround,” said Reese.


Catch the entire segment by clicking here.


This special opportunity to reach millions of the women who make a vast majority of America’s grocery purchasing decisions came to fruition through the special support of NCGA, and was spearheaded by the association’s Trade Policy and Biotechnology Action Team. The Balancing Act empowers women in all aspects of their lives, striving to help today’s modern women balance it all by bringing them exceptional solutions to everyday problems. Working together, CommonGround and The Balancing Act will provide both immediate information and an ongoing resource for women with questions about the food they feed their families.


CommonGround was founded by the National Corn Growers Association, the United Soybean Board and their state affiliates to start a conversation about food between the women who grow it and the women who buy it. Now in its fourth year, CommonGround brings more than 100 of America’s farm women to the table for food discussions and helps consumers eat fearlessly.