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On-Farm Safety Training Made Easier


New OSHA Safety Training

Don-Tyler-Good days workWhatever the reason might be for a lack of safety training on the farm, it’s now easier with an online tool that meets compliance requirements under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Good Day’s Work is a new web-based business that combines an expanding library of employee safety-training videos .

President, Don Tyler, says the program was designed with convenience and usability in mind.

“Our videos are just very short, it’s fully mobile. You can access them anywhere there’s an online platform. You can send out an e-mail, the employee clicks on the e-mail, watches the video, takes the quiz, it takes about 15 minutes and they’ve passed the requirements for their training.”

“Studies show that every dollar invested in a safety program returns four to six dollars in reduced insurance premiums, medical expenses and labor downtime,” says Don Tyler, the president and co-founder of Good Day’s Work. “And that’s before the potential cost of OSHA fines even enters the equation.”

Good days work logoYet, according to Tyler, Good Day’s Work isn’t only for agribusinesses struggling to cost-justify a safety investment. The robust program also adds value for agribusinesses with safety programs and personnel already in place. The compliance features alone, he says, lighten the paperwork burden to the degree that safety personnel can finally focus on developing that elusive safety culture they’ve always wanted.

Beyond the training, Tyler says there is a system in place to hold each employee accountable while taking that busy work away from management.

“Quiz comes up at the end, you answer some multiple choice questions and it’s done and the system captures all the results, all the questions and how well they’ve done on that platform and set of quizzes. It tracks that, we accumulate it so we can track it for whether it’s a location or a department or however we want to differentiate our employees.”

Once a business sets up an account inside the Good Day’s Work platform, that business’ account administrator can instantly register employees for classes, track all training activity, access management-level compliance information, submit OSHA accident reports, gather necessary documentation in the event of an OSHA inspection, and conduct a wide range of other safety-program management activities—all from the convenience of any Web-enabled device, including mobile applications.

OSHA says there are ten categories that every business should teach their employees. Tyler says they’ve also broken off content specific to agriculture with a big focus on grain bin entrapment.

“In 2010, we had a high mark on that; 57 entrapments across the country in 2010. Half of those ended in fatalities. It’s one of those things that, quite frankly, is putting us on OSHA’s radar.”

Building on an industry-wide, if not formally spoken, ambition among agribusiness professionals to advance the cause of safety, Tyler has a higher-level goal as well.

“We believe that, through our efforts, we can be instrumental in moving agriculture from the number-one spot on OSHA’s ‘Most Dangerous Industries’ list, to completely out of the top ten. We’re really looking forward to working with our customers and peers toward that end.”