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On to Fall Fieldwork in West Central Indiana


Harvest is all wrapped up for farmer Ryan Rippy in West Central Indiana. Were there record corn and soybean yields like USDA projected on Rippy Farms?

“It was not. It was a little bit shy of a record. It was right there. Both corn and beans were good, just a little bit shy of where we were in ’18. Overall, pretty solid corn and soybean yields.”

Rippy is taking advantage of the dry, warm weather to take care of some fall fieldwork.

“Right now, we’re doing strip-till getting the corn ground prepared for next season. That should be done in the next couple of days. We should have that wrapped up and then we’ll move on to fall burndown spraying. Once we get that done, we should be in pretty good shape.”

Rippy says they haven’t been able to get all of their fall burndown done the past couple of years due to weather conditions, but he’ll be happy to get that completed this year.

So, harvest went well with near record corn and soybean yields, fall fieldwork is getting done, and to top it off, corn and soybean prices have been surprisingly good.

“It’s been a welcome surprise, that’s for sure. It’s been nice to see things rally into the fall. Hopefully, things will at least be able to hold these levels. I think this gives everybody an opportunity now to hopefully price at some profitable levels.”

Rippy is now looking forward to wrapping up and enjoying some time with the family.

“The kids have missed me, my wife has missed me, so I think it’ll be nice to relax, get caught up on some office work, and get to enjoy the family a little bit.”

Rippy farms in Montgomery, Tippecanoe, and Fountain counties in West Central Indiana.