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Optimism In Employees, Farmers from Growmark CEO


Optimism In Employees, Farmers from Growmark CEO

From moving supplies to applying products, farm co-ops faced a number of obstacles this growing.

According to Jim Spradlin, CEO of Growmark, the resilience and adaptability of farmers and co-op employees helped everyone overcome these obstacles.

“The resilience of our farmer-customers is amazing to think about what they endured,” he said. “The second thing that really impressed me of our own folks is how our teams stepped up to meet the needs on the farm and the very short windows of time that we were afforded by Mother Nature.”

Lessons learned from 2019 include being prepared said Spradlin, and that’s what his company is doing as they get ready for 2020.

“Our people are preparing for whatever nuances that weather might throw at us, and that we’ve got the capacity to meet our customers’ needs regardless of what happens,” said Spradlin.

He remains optimistic that despite the current uncertainty in agriculture, farmers and their suppliers will be ready for whatever happens next year.