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Very Few Options Remain on Weed Control


Very Few Options Remain on Weed Control

The lack of pre-plant field work has prevented many growers from getting their burndown and weed control programs started. As a result, weeds have become a serious issue for late planted and unplanted fields. Ben Jacob, with Pioneer, says,  with some weeds almost a foot tall, there are very few options left for control.

“This year glyphosate alone is not going to carry the load,” he states. “We are going to have to use the full rates on all the chemistry we have.” He added, for fields that will not be planted, mechanical tillage may be the best option.

Jacob warns that growers need to think ahead to 2020 when applying chemicals, “This late in the season, growers need to be aware of plantback restrictions with certain products. This may limit their choices for the 2020 crop.”

Purdue University has made available three short videos discussing corn, soybean, and weed management strategies facing growers this year. Those resources can be found here.