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PEDv Cases dropping, Concerns Still Persist


Meatingplace reports that the number of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus cases is dropping according to reports from American and Canada growers. Just five new cases have been found since April in Ontario according to recent reports. That’s compared to the 60 cases identified between January and April, when the virus was first found in Ontario. USDA’s National Animal Health Laboratory Network reported that 53 tests for PEDv proved positive out of 672 conducted in the week ending Sept. 5th. That compares with 204 positives recorded in April. There is a concern however that cases may increase as cooler weather comes heading into the winter months.

The lower numbers come as a second vaccine for PEDv  by animal health company Zoetis was granted a conditional license for a vaccine to help fight PEDv. The vaccine is expected to be available to veterinarians and pork producers later this month.