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Perpetuo™ Herbicide Performs Well in Year One


Perpetuo™ Herbicide from Valent was launched in 2020 as another tool in the farmer toolbox to help control weeds. Jessie Rosales, Manager of Crop and Brand Strategy for Valent USA, says that performance in the first year proved to growers that it was excellent for postemergence control.

“People were really excited about the fact that we have this combo of flumiclorac pentyl, it’s a 2Ai herbicide for post residual control, containing flumiclorac pentyl and pyroxasulfone. So, the excitement around this is that it has excellent post control. Once we were able to get it out to the marketplace and in the hands of people, people were able to see for themselves that it does have excellent post control.”

Rosales says Perpetuo™ is strong against waterhemp and Palmer amaranth.

“It does have control over other grass and broadleaf species as well, but those are the really two key problems that we were seeing this product has the best fit on…You can use it with Enlist. You can use it with XtendiMax, and it’s just another good tool where resistance issues are starting to pop up.”

Rosales urges growers to ask their local retailers about Perpetuo™ or seek out a Valent sales rep. You can find more info at valent.com.