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How to Pinch Pennies on Production Costs This Year, Part 1



How to Pinch Pennies on Production Costs This Year, Part 1

Brian Early

As growers prepare for another production season, the need to reduce costs is paramount. Among the most costly of inputs is your seed and fertilizer. Hoosier Ag Today begins a series of reports on how technology can help growers reduce costs and not impact production.

“Encirca can help you make sure you are not spending any more on these input costs that need have to,” says Brian Early, with DuPont Pioneer, who says the Encirca program can help producers cut costs without cutting yields by estimating just how much is needed on a field by field bases.

With the wide range of yields we saw last year from field to field and even from one part of a field to another, Early says 2018 will be a year when Encirca can help you fine tune your soil fertility program. “Last year we took some high corn yields off some fields and, in some cases, in certain parts of a field,” he stated. “That is where Encirca can really help because we can look at the yield history of a farm or a field and determine just how much fertilizer we took off so we know just how much need to be replaced.” He added that on many farms there were washed out spots that never produced a crop and thus will need much less nitrogen than areas that yielded well.

“It is amazing once you break out your farms and look at them on an individual bases how well you can fine tune your fertilizer program and really save some money right away,” said Early.

See your Pioneer representative or Encirca Services professional for more information about Encirca, and be watching for another update from DuPont Pioneer here on HAT.