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Pioneer Agronomy Field Update 5/28/14


Pioneer Agronomy Field Update 5/28/14


Dan EmmertHeavy rains across Southern Indiana are keeping some growers from finishing up planting and forcing others to replant. A large part of the Southwest Indiana corn crop got planted in Mid-May, but heavy rains are causing serious problems. Dan Emmert, field agronomist with DuPont Pioneer in Knox County, says many growers are having to replant, “Many areas got up to 5 inches of rain, and that has put a lot of crops underwater.” He said, on average, he feels about 10% of the corn in Southwest Indiana will need to be replanted and on some farms the replant may go as high as 25%.  “This means in some areas we have corn in the V6 stage and in other areas we are just finishing up planting or replanting,” he added.


Emmert says the excess moisture is allowing newly planted soybeans to emerge quickly, “We have beans breaking through in about 6 days.” But here, too, there are problems, “We have had calls on seedling disease and PPO damage.”


His recommendation is to stick with your original hybrid until the beginning of June. He believes the full season hybrids will still provide the best results if planted this week.  As for evaluating your stands, he says if your soybeans have 100,000 plants per acre you are in good shape and if your corn has 35,000 plants per acre or more, you should not consider replanting.