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Pioneer Crop Update 5/12/15


Pioneer Crop Update 5/12/15


While planting has been late this year, planting conditions have improved in Indiana and early crop development has been good. More than half (55%) of Indiana corn has been planted, up from the 21% a week ago.  Nationally 55% has been planted with Illinois leading the corn belt with 73%. Brian Early, with Pioneer, says, while some parts of the state are still wet, for the most part fields are dry enough to work, “Many fields still have some wet pockets, but most areas are dry enough and the crops have been planted into very good seedbeds.”


The abundant soil moisture and warmer soil temps have helped the crops get out of the ground quickly. In Indiana,12% of the corn has emerged. Early told HAT most of the corn that has been planted is emerging nicely, “It looks like about every kernel we put in the ground came up. Most also had ideal conditions after they were planted with only a few days of cold weather. The corn is coming up and developing very well.” He said, for the most part, seeding diseases have not been a problem this year primarily because the temperatures have been warm enough to prevent many problems, “The normal diseases we see this time of year have not been a problem.”


Twenty percent of Indiana soybeans are now planted, and nationally 18% are in the ground. Early says conditions are good for getting the soybeans off to a good start. He said more and more growers are trying to plant their soybeans earlier than they used to, to improve yields, “A lot of guys have noticed their earlier planted soybeans do better than soybeans planted in June, so we are seeing a lot more early planting of soybeans.”  He noted that early soybean stands this year are looking good and, like corn, the crop seems to be off to a good start.


While some growers have considered switching corn maturity dates, Early does not think this is needed at this time, “I think we still have enough time,  and I am not recommending any change in plans until the end of May or first week in June.” He added most growers still have a good planting window left.