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Pioneer Crop Update 6/15/15


Pioneer Crop Update 6/15/15

Crop damage reports continue to come in after another weekend of heavy rain in some areas. Ryan Piel, DuPont Pioneer agronomist in NW Indiana, says ponding is a serious problem in many fields, “A lot of these crops that are underwater are just not going to make it, especially if we get some heat.”  He added that the excessive rain we have had and that is forecast for the next two weeks is also taking a lot of nitrogen out of the soil, “This is going to be a real concern over the next few weeks.”


He also sees major disease problems coming as a result of the rains, “I think we are going to have a serious problem this year. As soybeans begin to flower, that is going to open up the plant to disease infestation.” He said some parts of the state have seen hail, and that will damage corn leaves which will also open the plant for infection.


In some areas replanting may still be an option. Peal is suggesting mid group 3 varieties, “I think they can still give you good yields but you will have to increase your plant population rate.”