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Pioneer Crop Update 8/4/15


Pioneer Crop Update 8/4/15


Brian Early, agronomist with DuPont Pioneer, says parts of Northern Indiana have not seen rain for 2 weeks which beginning to become a concern, “Soybeans are in the middle of flowering and pod set and need rain. Corn also will need regular rains because the root systems of these crops are so compromised this year.”  There are reports of growers in the north running irrigation systems.


Early says another factor that may reduce yields is the lack of nitrogen in fields that have seen a good deal of flooding this year. He told HAT, as the crops move toward maturity, the nitrogen shortfall may become even more acute, “The corn is going to need nitrogen to finish its life cycle; and, anytime it is short, it is going to rob from other parts of the plant.” He added that this could lead to stalk issues closer to harvest. Many corn plants are shorter than average this year. Early says that too will limit yield, but shorter soybean plants actually tend to yield better.


The good news is that disease pressure has not been as bad in corn as some had been forecasting; however, SDS is making an appearance in soybeans. “We are seeing SDS show up and there is really nothing you can do at this point,” stated Early.


Early says the crop is running about 2 weeks behind. Warmer temperatures and frequent rains will be needed to avoid further yield loss.