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Pioneer Field Agronomy Update 6/9/14


Pioneer Field Agronomy Update 6/9/14


Ryan Piel Ryan Piel, agronomist with DuPont Pioneer in NW Indiana, says he is beginning to see early signs of nutrient deficiency, “We are having a lot of nutrient deficiency starting to show up. A lot of it will probably work itself out, but scouting your fields now will give growers an idea where they are likely to come up short at the end of the season.”


He told HAT it is likely growers will have to come back with a heavier dose of nitrogen later this year, “Guys who have used 28% liquid nitrogen instead of anhydrous ammonia are going to run out of nitrogen sooner than those who used more traditional methods.”  He said it is likely some of these producers may have to add more nitrogen later in the season to make sure the crop has enough to finish well.


Weeds are another issue pressuring both corn and soybeans. “I have seen a few fields where the weeds are almost out of control,” Piel said. Windy conditions have prevented many growers from spraying; and this, combined with good soil moisture, has allowed weeds to get off to a strong start.