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Pioneer Harvest Update: Early Harvest Results Very Uneven


Pioneer Harvest Update: Early Harvest Results Very Uneven

Ryan Piel

Highly variable is the way to describe early harvest results as harvest activity has begun in NW Indiana. Ryan Piel, with DuPont Pioneer, says results have been all over the place so far, but not as disappointing as some had anticipated, “I thought the soybeans would be disappointing, especially the early planted ones, but they have not. Yields seem to be coming in with some respectable yields considering the year we have had.”

As for corn, some of the early season hybrids that have been cut are not too bad. Piel said some of the fuller season hybrids will likely yield better, “I feel these fields will do much better, than what we are seeing in the early cuttings.” He added that, in some fields, we may see areas of 300 bpa corn and other areas that are 0 bpa.

Not only are yields variable, but Piel says crop development is also highly variable, “I think this is going to be one of the biggest challenges we see this harvest will be the variability in crop development.” His recommendation is to run a field when the majority of the field is ready, “It is going to make it tough on the dryers, but that is about the only option you have.” He feels harvest will be a long, drawn-out affair but, with many fields planted late, this will help some crops finish better and may improve yield.


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