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Pioneer Harvest Yield check Report 10/20/14


Pioneer Harvest Yield check Report 10/20/14


The decision to plant early this spring seems to have been a good one for some Southeast Indiana growers.   After rains last week, harvest is expected to resume in SE Indiana this week. Jason Urwin, with DuPont Pioneer, says yields are coming in highly variable, “We have had a variety of yields, everything from average to well above average.  I have seen everything from 160 bpa to 260bpa.”


What seems to be determining which end of that range you are at is when you planted the crop this spring, “A lot of the crop that was planted in early May got off to a strong start are showing some very high yields.” He added this was especially true in areas that did not see the heavy rains this summer and did not experience a lot of nitrogen loss because of the wet soils.  “The exceptional yields seem to be favoring those crops that got planted early,” he said.


Pioneer had several new hybrids in their lineup this year, and Urwin says some of the new kids on the block did very well, “909AM, which is a new product, has just been incredible in some of the plots and, along with 1197AM, is also making a lot of waves.” He said other top corn performers include 1498AM, 1360AM, 1221AMXT, 987AM, and 1023AM.


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