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Pioneer Says Many Farmers Making the Switch to Enlist E3® Soybeans


USDA pegged Indiana soybeans at a record high 59.5 bushels per acre in 2021. This despite another diverse growing season where some fields experienced drought while others had way too much moisture.

“That’s why we focus on things that aren’t just top-end yield. There are the agronomic and defensive characteristics as well,” says Don Gehrls, U.S. Marketing Lead for Pioneer Soybeans.

“So, we saw good yield advantages versus the competition with our Pioneer soybeans across different trait segments that we’re in, but specifically in the Enlist E3 lineup. We saw a lot of good advantages, a lot of comparisons both to other E3 varieties out there, but then also to some competing technologies, and we’re really pleased with it. I think you look no further than where 2022 early orders are from growers to decide how they felt about it and we’re seeing numbers that would say that the adoption for Enlist E3 moving forward is going to be pretty high.”

Gehrls explains why he believes more growers are planning to make the switch from dicamba technology to Enlist E3® soybeans in 2022.

“It always comes down to yield for everybody, so you’ve got to check that box. You’ve got to have a good variety and Pioneer, I think, we do that better than anybody else when it comes to the variety, but the unique thing in soybeans right now is you’ve got this trait decision to make as well. What we’re hearing from farmers is, ‘Hey. I need something that’s responsible. It’s got to stay where it’s sprayed. I’ve got to be friends with my neighbors.’ It needs to do that and check that box. It’s got to be effective on the weed control side, obviously, for herbicides, it’s got to control weeds. What we’ve heard from farmers in ‘21 was, ‘Hey, I’ve had some tough to control weeds, and this did the trick for me using the combination of Enlist with the other chemistries out there.’”

And Gehrls adds that the Enlist system provides farmers more flexibility.

“Farmers aren’t looking to make things more complicated. They certainly want it to be easier. So, with the Enlist herbicide program and system, you’ve got more spray timing flexibility which is nice when you don’t know exactly when you’re going to be able to get out there or when you’re going to plant the beans this year. There are less complicated buffer requirements because, again, you don’t want to have to worry about that when you’re making your cropping plans, and just more tank mix options too. So, things that can leave you with let’s just make one pass instead of two, that’s what’s really resonating with farmers.”

Learn more about Enlist E3® soybeans at the Pioneer website.