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Pioneer A Series Soybeans Earns An “A” Despite Weather Challenges


The past growing season brought many challenges. Most farmers battled unfavorable weather and some tackled diseases. New A series soybeans from DuPont Pioneer helped some farmers come out on top after the tough growing season. Pat Arthur serves as category leader for DuPont Pioneer. Arthur talks about the company’s new line of soybeans, called the A-series soybeans and how the series helped farmers get a leg up in the dry growing season. “Across the Corn Belt, we saw a really stellar performance with some varieties that have been developed specifically for the area,” Arthur said. “A new 31 variety, called P31A22X, that actually had a 4.8 bushel yield advantage in our trials.”

A-series soybeans features a class of varieties. DuPont Pioneer refers to the series as the “highest yielding series ever introduced.” Arthur says the series success started at Pioneer’s research engine.

“In 2010, we transformed the way we bring varieties to the market,” Arthur said. “We added new breeding locations across the country, to focus in on varieties specific to the area, making sure those varieties have the specific agronomic traits growers need.” Arthur says DuPont Pioneer is able to help farmers boost yields with those specific traits.

Source: DuPont Pioneer