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Pivot Bio PROVEN® Working Well in South Central Indiana


For farmer Dylan Smith, who farms in Flat Rock in Shelby County, Pivot Bio PROVEN® is working wonders. Pivot Bio PROVEN®, which is applied once at planting, provides season-long additional nitrogen to the corn plant.

Smith says despite weather struggles to start the season, Pivot Bio PROVEN®’s second generation trial that he has on his farm is in great shape.

“This field has been under a lot of stress. We planted it, for two weeks it never came up because of the cold, wet conditions. We got an inch of rain that next weekend. Since then, the corn’s come up, it’s got a beautiful stand, about 30,000 population. For what it’s been through, it’s the best-looking crop we’ve got.”

Walking the field with Smith was Pivot Bio Technical Sales Manager Leron Giesting. He says that it continues to stay green.

“As compared to some of the neighboring farms, those wet spots certainly are showing some yellowing. We continue to see robust green plants even in those low-lying areas here and across the hills. The whole field just appears to be green. It appears to have a more robust root system as we dug roots, and it appears to have a more robust plant above ground as well.”

Smith and Giesting are both very happy with what they’re seeing from Pivot Bio PROVEN®, and they think you will be too.

“Our product is there. It’s in-furrow. It’s there all season long. We obviously want our growers to be successful. We want them to be able to reduce their synthetic applications, saving them time and money, and the assurance that our nitrogen stays put. A lot of folks are concerned about nitrogen leaching and leaving their farms. No one wants that. So, this product is going to go a long way in alleviating that problem. So, we’ve got an environmental benefit and an economic benefit as well.”

Learn more about Pivot Bio PROVEN® in the latest HAT video above.