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Planning Ahead to Manage Corn Rootworm


pioneer-logoThe best way to control future corn rootworm populations is to plan ahead – according to DuPont Pioneer entomologists. Entomologist Clint Pilcher says growers need a long-term plan to help reduce the risk of overwhelming corn rootworm populations and effectively manage the pest. Management goals should include reducing the population to maintain trait performance – according to Pilcher – instead of attempting to eradicate the pest. He suggests a set of best management practice strategies based on breaking the pest’s life cycle, managing pest populations and protecting yield potential with a hybrid including a Bt-trait. Pilcher says this allows growers to have more options available for CRW control. Growers should avoid using all CRW control options at once – according to Pilcher – and be aware of the pressure in their fields. He encourages growers to scout their continuous corn fields when silking begins and select higher-risk fields based on cropping history, trait use and planting times.