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Planning the Optimum Seed Package for 2021


Harvest is wrapping up, you know or have a good idea what the bottom line on production on your farm looks like. Now it’s on to field work, and planning the 2021 crop, so it’s a good time to be considering seed strategy.

One recommendation is to go with the basics. That’s from Eric Miller, NK Seeds soybean product manager.

“Whether it’s certain agronomy traits, and we know phytophthora was always a concern, SDS and some other really key basics of the genetic packages that NK Seeds can provide that come along with the herbicide traits,” he said. “These tough to control weeds are top of mind, but always getting back to the basics and the basics of agronomy and the characteristics of these high performing soybeans is a good place to start.”

Growers in many parts of the Midwest, Indiana included, battled Mother Nature, at least at times this year. The dry August for example certainly took the top off soybean yields for many. And each year weed control is a challenge, but Miller says NK Seeds has great options available.

“One thing for sure growers obviously battle is tough weeds. You’ve got the waterhemp, marestail, some ragweeds that growers deal with every year, and the 2,4-D in the Enlist E3 system with those three modes of action is certainly something I think farmers have learned to use this year. There’s a lot of flexibility in that Enlist E3 system when it comes to weed control, and I think that’s been a great tool for growers. Also as you think about flexibility with tank mixes around a gluphosonate and 2,4-D application, that’s where you really get into some of those late emerging weeds such as water hemp.”

Some geographies are seeing an increase of soybean cyst nematode, and it’s something his company is paying close attention to.

“If you think about the ooptions NK provides, we have the alternative cyst nematode packages and the traditional cyst nematode packages,” Miller said. “I’d also encourage growers to look at some of our seed care options such as Saltro with the SDS and nematodes activity for some of that early season peril.”

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