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Planted Crops Emerging Rapidly


Planted Crops Emerging Rapidly

Brian Early

Some areas of the state saw significant planting progress this past week, but others saw little or no progress made. For those areas of the state with dry soils and seed in the ground, the warm temperatures are fostering quick germination. “It is some of the fastest germination we have seen in a while,” says Brian Early, with DuPont Pioneer. “I have seen corn and soybeans that were planted about 9 days ago already out of the ground.” He attributes this to the wet soil and warm conditions. For the past two weeks in Indiana, the average temperature has been 64.7 degrees, 8.0 degrees above normal for the state. Corn emergence statewide was pegged by USDA at 3%, well behind the 17% a year ago, as well as behind the 5 year average.

Early says growers in flooded areas are facing some serious drying issues, “The spring weeds and cover crops are slowing soil dry down, and it may be several weeks before growers will be able to plant in parts of Northwest Indiana.”

In addition, Early says weed control programs will also be delayed in some of these areas, “Not being able to get your weed control started is going to be a serious issue in some areas. This is because you may have to wait several weeks after application in order to plant, especially if you are using dicamba.”


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