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Planter Calibration Critical this Season


Planter Calibration Critical this Season

As we wait for fields to dry and soils to warm, it is time to do some equipment maintenance and planter celebration. With what is likely to be a compressed planting season, down time is something you will want to avoid. Coy Patton, with Bane Welker Equipment, said maintenance is the key to a problem free planting season. He suggested you can start by hooking the planter up to the tractor, “Make sure all the connections are working properly. Then, as they move back through the planter, check all the moving parts: things like coulter blades, bearings, the seals.”

Patton told HAT the key to getting your planter set right is proper calibration. The experts at Bane Welker stand ready to help, “Letting that seed meter not be inspected on an annual basis can cause a lot of problems. It is vital to make sure that seed placement is done right every year.” Technicians are available at Bane Welker locations across the state to help if needed.

With many fields needing some spring tillage this year, Patton said getting your tillage tool ready is also on the to do list this spring, “You are going to need everything you have to get your seed bed preparation ready this year.” He added that a lot of vertical tillage will not take care of the soil compaction and ruts we have this spring, “So you are going to need that spring tillage tool that perhaps you have not used in a while.”

He noted that right now is a good time to connect with your Bane Welker dealer and get some of these issues taken care of before things really get busy.  He suggested taking a good look at your equipment and considering replacing any parts that have not been replaced for the past several years.

Patton reminded folks that safety is a key to success this season and that having properly maintained equipment is part of keeping you safe and productive this year. For resources on parts and service as well as planter calibration, visit www.bane-welker.com