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Planters Rolling in Southern Indiana


Planters Rolling in Southern Indiana

It only took a few dry days and some warming soil temps to get farmers into the fields in Southern Indiana. A good deal of planting activity took place last week and over the weekend in Southern Indiana, says Bill Meacham with DuPont Pioneer. “In the Evansville, area we had farmers planting from last Wednesday through Sunday,” he stated. “By Friday, we had planters rolling pretty good in a larger area as fields dried out.”

Soil temperatures are also to the point where growers can roll as soon as the soil is dry enough. Meacham told HAT last week soil temps hit the 60 degree mark in many fields in Southern Indiana, “The forecast as we roll into May calls for highs in the 70s, so I think as soon as the soils are ready it is time to go.”

Meacham says that, so far, planting is off to a good start although there are still some areas that are too wet to plant. He said, “It is shaping up to be a lot like 2016 when a lot of corn in Southern Indiana got planted in May and we had good yields.” He added farmer attitudes are good and they are anxious to get into the field.

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