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Planting Forecast: First Half of Week Cold, Second Half Unsettled


Cool temps are the calling card of the coming week over most of Indiana. We saw a significant drop in temps late this past week, and we will stay below normal through the weekend and early next week. Temps will be a cool 10-25 degrees below normal for that period and moderate then some the rest of the week. However, we do not look to return to well above normal soon, just getting to normal and slightly above normal by this coming weekend. The period starts rain free, with sun returning Saturday, and the full sun for Sunday and Memorial Day. Tuesday also turns out mostly sunny.

The second half of the week remains unsettled. Clouds increase Wednesday, but we may escape new precipitation most of the day. For Thursday scattered showers cannot be ruled out.  WE face the same kind of set up for Friday and Saturday, with a chance for scattered showers. Thursday coverage will be 75%, Friday 60% and Saturday 90%. Rain totals each day will run .3” or less, but we can see combined rains for the period pushing .75” to 1”. See map below.

Sunday should turn out drier, with no new precipitation, but will have clouds blocking sun at times. South flow develops through the day and should push temps warmer as we start the following week (week of the 7th) on Monday. Partly sunny skies are anticipated.

Extended Period:

While we can’t rule out an isolated shower or two for the 8th and 9th, we maintain a mostly dry set up over the majority of Indiana. Our next cold front is on the way for the 10th with scattered showers early, bringing .1”-.5” and 80% coverage. Behind that front we go dry again for the 11th and 12th but have to look out for showers and storms sagging south out of the Great Lakes for Sunday the 13th. 

Weeks 3 & 4:

Week three should be near to a bit below normal on precipitation, week four does look wetter. Temps near to above normal each week.

Week 3 Precipitation v. normal

Week 3 Temperatures v. normal

Week 4 Precipitation v. normal

Week 4 Temperatures v. normal