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Planting Progress in Northeast Indiana


In this week’s Pioneer agronomy update we visit northeast Indiana with Pioneer Field Agronomist Lance Shepherd. Shepherd says some growers in that area have started planting.

“Soybeans were planted and a little corn the week of April 5th. It pretty much sat stagnant until now and the ball is really going to start moving with the optimistic forecast coming up. This week alone we’re looking at getting 73 GDUs accumulation throughout the next 5-6 days. So, a lot of people will start corn and soybean planting this week if they haven’t already.”

Shepherd says if you haven’t started planting yet, you’re by no means behind schedule.

“Soil temp (Monday) morning was 40 degrees. We’ll definitely see that increase and stay in the 50s. Really, prime planting conditions will be now through about May 15. And we’re going to see that yield level at 100% yield potential. So, really no lag until that May 15th time up here in the northeast portion of Indiana.”

If you’ve been waiting for the ideal time to start, Shepherd says it’s here.

“I do realize there’s rain in the forecast Wednesday and Thursday, but it doesn’t seem to be very much depending on what forecast you’re looking at. Looks like a half inch to the north and more as you progress south. So, if we have a high rainfall amount, maybe stop a little earlier so we don’t see that crusting, but in all reality, if you’ve been waiting to go plant corn and soybeans, this week looks very optimistic in doing so.”

Tune in Thursday when Pioneer’s Lance Shepherd discusses the impacts from last week’s frost event on northeast Indiana’s wheat crop.