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Planting Progress Made


Planting Progress Made

Despite some heavy rains, there was a lot of planting done last week in Indiana and across the Corn Belt.  According to USDA,  67% of Indiana corn is in the ground with 35% emerged. That is up from the 31% planted figure a week ago. In the first condition report of the year, Indiana corn was rated as 53% good to excellent.  Nationally, 83% of the corn is in, with 63% up. For soybeans, 42% is done in Indiana and 66% nationally.

Dan Emmert, with Pioneer in SW Indiana, told HAT that, despite some heavy rains, corn planting in that part of the state is nearing completion, “In the 12 counties in SW Indiana, we are 90-95% planted on corn and 60% on soybeans.” Emmert notes, while early planted fields are doing well, later planted crop are struggling, “We are seeing some issues, especially in the low lying areas. We were planting into rough conditions in the first place; now we have had some rain just after planting in these areas.” Another of his concerns is the wide range of crop development with some planted in April and some in June, “We have chest high corn, and some fields that have not even emerged.”

Emmert says good moisture and favorable growing conditions will be key going forward, “I really worry if things turn hot and dry. With poor root development, it could get real ugly.”

The average temperature for the week was 69.9 degrees Fahrenheit, 1.5 degrees above normal for the State. The amount of rainfall varied from none to 2.95 inches over the week. The statewide average precipitation was 0.87 inches.