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Planting Progress Takes Big Jump in Indiana


Planting Progress Takes Big Jump in Indiana

The 2020 planting pace took a big jump last week. According to USDA, currently 18% of Indiana corn is planted, up from 4% last week; and 11% of Indiana soybeans are planted, up from 2% a week ago. In some areas the percentages are much higher. “Some corn growers in my area have 50% of their crop planted,” said Carl Joern with Pioneer in NW Indiana. “If I had to put an overall number on it, I would say we are 25% done in corn and 35% in soybeans.”

Statewide about 1% of the corn has emerged, according to the latest USDA report. Joern says those growers who got seed in the ground last week should feel pretty good about it, “We had soil temperatures last week right at the 50 degree mark,  and the soil condition is very good.”  Even if you did not start, you still have plenty of time. “I would not be anxious about getting the crop in this year. I would much rather see guys wait a little longer and plant into good conditions rather than rush things,” he added.

Joern is expecting the rapid place of planting to resume once this week’s rain passes and we get several good days of warm dry weather ahead. Nationally 27% of the corn has been planted, well ahead of last year, and 8% of the soybeans are in, according to the latest crop update.