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Planting Window Will Open After Weekend Rains


Planting Window Will Open After Weekend Rains

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There’s a lot of moisture in HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin’s nearby forecast.

“I think by the time all is said and done, you’re looking at moisture totals across Indiana, from the entirety of the event, running anywhere from .75” on the low end all the way up to maybe 2.5” on the high end. I’m actually concerned about some slightly higher totals than that. It really depends on thunderstorm development as we finish out the weekend.”

But Martin has good news for next week with much dryer and warmer weather.

“We’re looking at dry, sunny weather for Monday right on through the upcoming Saturday period, and what that’ll do is allow for excellent dry down and good evaporation. With the rains that are coming here, we do think that we’re still probably going to have to stay out of the field for the first part of the week, but maybe by later Wednesday into early Thursday we can get back after it.”

Martin says the extended 11 to 16-day forecast is still a bit unsettled.

“A little bit of moisture is trying to come back in; however, with the storm tracks seeming to shift a little bit farther to the north and west here through this upcoming week, I think it’s going to take a stronger surge of cooler air to push that moisture down into our neck of the woods. So, I’m trending that 11 to 16-day forecast window slightly drier than normal.”

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