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Plenish Providing Good Profit Opportunity in SE Indiana


 Plenish Providing Good Profit Opportunity in SE Indiana


plenish field 2As the harvest resumes this week, soybean farmers in Southeast Indiana will be watching their yield monitors closely. Early results indicate yields are exceptional. Jason Urwin with DuPont Pioneer says the new T series soybean varieties are performing quite well, “We are getting good performance out of 35T97 and 33T72.” Both were new additions to the Pioneer line up this year.


Urwin told HAT that the new Plenish soybean varieties from Pioneer have also done well this year, “We had a field in Rush County that yielded an average of 72 bpa over 154 acres with the Plenish variety 33T94 which is remarkable.” With a 40 – 50 cent premium, the Plenish soybeans are providing a nice return for growers, according to Urwin.


The Plenish soybean is used to produce  high oleic soybean oil which contains no trans fats. It is helping the US soybean industry regain its share of the vegetable oil market. The oil that is produced from these Plenish varieties has a number of advantages of other oils in cooking and food processing.


Indiana set a goal of doubling Plenish acres in 2014. In addition, ten new delivery locations are now located in the state. A second processor contracting program has been added in Northwest Indiana for the Bunge, Decatur, IN, facility. A list of all the Plenish processor contacts can be round at Plenish website